Braun Büffel is proud to reveal a new graphic identity, the #BBMonogram created by Creative Director, Fabio Panzeri, reinterpreting the buffalo motif into a new visual signature for the House.

Inspired by the buffalo motif which is synonymous with power and strength, the #BBMonogram features a set of interlocking buffalos in a geometrical repetitive graphic print that celebrates a fresh new language of modernity for which the House is establishing.

The #BBMonogram will make its debut in the Fall/Winter 2019 collection in the form of three colourways through the unisex Delos and Harrison collections and in the Misty, as part of the women’s collection.

To mark the launch of the new #BBMonogram, Braun Büffel will also be transforming its in-store experiences to continuously engage and excite customers as part of its strategy to deliver continuous contemporary merchandise and new shopping experiences to customers.

A new creative horizon at Braun Buffel is beginning.