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Travel. And look good wherever you go.⁠

That’s what #WunderWander means to⁠ @mrbriansee when he’s out with his Delos backpack in the new #BBMonogram.⁠

What about you? Where are you going today?⁠⁠

Straight out of university with nothing but a Bachelors in PR & Events, Brian See has been turning heads ever since, boasting an IG with over 120K followers. It would be an understatement to call him a fashion blogger. He doesn’t blog about fashion, he owns it; often modelling his brand of K-pop fusion. And if that’s not enough, he recently launched his first single Now – contemporary Chinese trap featuring an old school synthesizer hook from the early noughties.

What’s his secret? Dress to be seen.
Well, there’s no better way to catch looks than with Brian’s DELOS-N. As bold as the orange and black colourway is, it’s also utilitarian. You’ll know your things are secured when you hear the satisfying click coming from the Fidlock magnetic buckles. Brian rocks the DELOS-N when he’s off to work at his other job. Besides being famous, Brian still does PR work on the side.

Often Brian fashions bright colours. But when he’s wearing dark neutral tones, it’s the textures that call for your attention. Nothing captures this philosophy better than the TECHNOMAD. If you were on the streets, you’d be forgiven for thinking this piece is merely black. But the subtle holographic glow and ceramic black ionized plating sets this piece apart. These are the details that Brian See looks for in his style.

Brian also sports the sporty HARRISON-R. Nicknamed the 16-Hours Bag, it’s water-resistant and perfect anyone on the move. Graphic nylon and Napa leather are just the finishing touches. Whether he’s at the gym or working on those dance moves, Mr. See gets the most out of his day with the HARRISON-R. Boys and girls, take a page from the book of Mr. Brian See. Your style is an extension of your attitude. Dress to be seen and you’ll never be forgotten.