Meet the Creative Director behind the #BBMillennialNomads collection: @fabiopanzeriofficial and his Technomad backpack.⁠

When Fabio thinks of #WunderWander, he thinks of big bikes and fast cars. What’s your inspiration?⁠⁠

A man once said “we keep talking about our history but I feel that it doesn’t make sense to keep looking back if you want to plan for the future” – that man is Fabio Panzeri. Armed with two full-sleeve tattoos and his Italian heritage, creative designer Fabio Panzeri is set to reinvent the fashion world with his millennial-centric designs.

More and more, experiences are being commoditized. One day in sunny Bali. Another in wintry Tokyo. Millennials collect Instagram posts the same way their parents collected postcards and stamps.

The new WunderWander collection comments on this nomadic culture. Each piece explores the versatility of the millennial spirit. By utilizing Using bright or neutral colours ensure that each design work with or against the backdrop, but always relative. Panzeri lives for this tension.

In some ways, the flagship of the WunderWander collection - TECHNOMAD – foreshadows the things to come for the fashion house. This blend of what Panzeri calls “heritage meets contemporary” symbolizes the 132-year-old house’s commitment to innovate in the digital era.

The TECHNOMAD’s hi-tech street design is balanced out with napa leather (soft to the touch) and black rubberized zippers. The key here is contrast. A flexible exterior means the piece stays intact through the toughest environments, whether it’s through the concrete streets or the storm of the summer’s heat.

More importantly, underneath the reflective fabric of the TECHNOMAD, lies Panzeri’s love the most diversified generation. The black holographic glow represents this desire to have it all. Light vs dark. Classic vs contemporary. It is through these contradictions that Panzeri moves forward. Where he wanders next, only time will tell.